Montana DNRC

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Resources Division

The Division carries out its duties for the purpose of promoting the general welfare and prosperity of the people of Montana. Sound coordination of the development and utilization of the state’s waters allows the Division to protect existing uses and to promote adequate future supplies for domestic, industrial, agricultural, recreation, the conservation of water for wildlife, aquatic life and other beneficial uses. Staff for the Governor’s Drought and Water Advisory Committee.

  • Asked the Montana Climate Office to contribute to the 2015 revision of the State Water Plan (MCA 85-1-203) by characterizing the climate regime of all basins in Montana
  • Participating directly as technical advisors to the Clark Fork River Basin and Upper-Missouri River Basin Task Forces
  • Collaborative National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grant proposal with the Montana Drought and Water Advisory Committee (MCA 2-15-3308) and DNRC to develop a new national drought severity index.

Contact: Jesse E. Aber, III, M.Sc., Water Planner;  1424 9th Ave., Helena, MT 59620-1601; Phone: 406-444-6628; Email:

Monana Water Supply Initiative - 2015

The currency of climate change across the Western US is water and nowhere is this more evident than Montana -- headwaters of two of North Americas greatest river basins.  One of Montana’s greatest resources is its abundance of clean water. Habitat for native species. Ecosystem services for residents. Irrigation for agricultural crops. Renewable energy for residential and commercial use.  Yet the quantity and quality of water has become increasingly uncertain in recent years. Montana gains resource efficiency trhough its ability to describe, monitor and assess the climate, climate variability, and resulting impacts on water policy.  This action is paramount to producing outcomes that ensure the future integrity and resilience of a wide range of investments in land, water, and the environmental stewardship.  To that end, the Montana Climate Office is engaged with the Montanans in a statewide planning process to develop strategies and recommendations for meeting Montana’s future water needs.

Clark Fork River Basin Task Force

Climate Office Contact: Michael Sweet (

Clark Fork River Basin

Upper Missour River Basin Task Force

Climate Office Contact: Kelsey Jencso (

Upper Missouri River Basin