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Montana State Library Water Information System

The Water Information System (WIS) is the starting point for finding water resources information in Montana, such as data on surface water, groundwater, water quality, riparian areas, water rights, climate data and more. The WIS makes high quality water information, including GIS data, interactive applications, maps, and water-related links, discoverable to all Montanans from one common starting place. 

In consultations between the Montana Climate Office and State Library staff, the following items were thought to be beneficial to the development of the Water Information System:

  • Integrate climate information into the State Library Water Information System created by the legislature in 2013 (MCA 90-15-305).

Contact: Troy Blandford, Water Information System Manager, Montana State Library, PO Box 201800, Helena, MT 59620-1800, Phone: (406) 444-3115, Email:

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