Feedback and plans

Review and feedback

Ok. Although we strive for perfection, we don't claim to be perfect.  There is no doubt that some content might not be as it should be, and other content is just not conveyed well. The Climate Atlas of Montana is offered as a starting place for a dialog. One of the goals of the Montana Climate Office is to co-produce information. Please feel free to contact the Montana Climate Office (contact information in footer) and offer your ideas, advice, or questions.  Thank you.

Future plans

This current edition of the Climate Atlas of Montana contains online maps and static maps which are viewable in a web browser on multiple devices.  Often behind each of these maps is a time series with multiple years, months, days worth of information. Users often request specific years or a range of years, or simply want to interact with the map. In the coming year the Montana Climate Office hopes to publish the time series behind each of the maps in the Climate Atlas.  The Montana Climate Office is also developing new and innovative additions to the atlas, and working with specific users groups to generate information pertinent to their decision needs.

The Montana Climate Office also receives many questions about climate variability and climate trends.  Within the next year we plan to add content to the Montana Climate Atlas that provides some insight into the ever-changing climate context that Montanans live and work in.