Citizen Questions

This is currently in development, but in the future our plan is to utilize this site to offer guidance to users on how they might utilize the information posted on the Montana Climate Office website to answer questions about the climate in Montana. Here are a sampling of questions we have received:

  • What is the wettest and driest month and year for Billings and Missoula?
  • What are the average number of frost-free days for the region around Great Falls, and what is the typical start and end date?
  • What is the typical start date for budding of fruit trees?
  • What is the climate record for Hamilton?
  • What is the near-term (seasonal) outlook related to mosquitos and the West Nile virus?
  • What is the rate of evapotranspiration for the Dearborn River watershed?
  • What is the climate projection outlook for the Molt, Montana area for the next three decades?