Our Mission
The Montana Climate Office aims to provide high-quality, timely, relevant, and scientifically based climate, drought and water resources information and services to Montanans. As Montana’s official climate data stewards, we strive to provide information for specific sectors of interest by either geography or industry, and assist stakeholders in adapting climate products to their needs.

Explore the Mesonet

The Montana Mesonet is a network of over 100 weather, soil moisture and snow monitoring stations that the MCO operates across Montana. The stations measure a variety of meteorological variables including air temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture, and precipitation. Click on a station on the adjacent map to access station data and view station metadata, or visit the Mesonet Dashboard. To learn more about the mesonet, visit the Montana Mesonet tab.

Current Climate Warnings

Explore current weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service for your area. Click on a shaded area of the map to view information about current weather alerts. If the map has no coloring, there are no current alerts for the region. For more information about these alerts, visit the National Weather Service website. Click here to view a full page version of this map.


Analyze Drought Conditions

The Montana Climate Office produces daily models of drought conditions for the Upper Missouri River Basin (UMRB), Washington, Oregon and Idaho to help state and local governments make timely and informed decisions about drought. Popular drought indices and satellite variables for soil moisture and vegetation health are derived daily across the domain. Click the image to the right to explore current drought conditions in the UMRB!